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FAQ Therapeutic Dynamics Physical Therapy questions to ask

  • What do Physical Therapists do?

    Physical Therapists are experts in movement and function, so they do not confine their talents to only treating people who are ill. A large part of a Physical Therapist’s program is directed at preventing injury, loss of movement, and even surgery. Physical Therapists work as consultants in industrial settings to improve the design of the workplace and reduce the risk of workers overusing certain muscles or developing lower back pain. They also provide services to athletes at all levels to screen for potential problems and institute preventive exercise programs.

    The cornerstones of Physical Therapy treatment are therapeutic exercise and functional training. In addition to “hands-on” care, Physical Therapists also educate patients to take care of themselves and to perform certain exercises on their own. Depending on the particular needs of a patient, Physical Therapists may also “mobilize” a joint (that is, perform certain types of movements at the end of your range of motion) or massage a muscle to promote proper movement and function. Physical Therapists also use methods such as ultrasound (which uses high frequency waves to produce heat), hot packs, and ice.

    Most forms of Physical Therapy treatment are covered by insurance, but the coverage will vary with each plan. Most states do not legally require patients to see their physicians before seeing a Physical Therapist (Direct Access). Most of the time all you have to do is ask your doctor if Physical Therapy is right for you.

    Reference: APTA

  • Why is Physical Therapy a good choice?

    More than half of all Americans are suffering from pain. Whether it is acute pain or chronic pain, there’s a ton of evidence showing that pain in America is a widespread problem that commonly results in sick days from work, and can be a precursor to opioid use and dependency. However, many do not even know that Physical Therapists are well equipped to not only manage pain but also its source.

    Physical Therapists are experts at treating movement and neuro-musculoskeletal disorders. Pain often accompanies a movement disorder, and Physical Therapists can help correct the disorder and relieve the pain.

  • Is Physical Therapy painful?

    For many patients, one of the primary objectives is pain relief. This is frequently accomplished with hands-on techniques, modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and/or heat or cold therapy. Movement often provides pain relief as well. Your Physical Therapist will provide you with the appropriate exercises not only for pain relief, but to recover range of motion, strength, and endurance.

    In some cases, Physical Therapy techniques can be painful. For example, recovering knee range of motion after total knee replacement, or shoulder range of motion after shoulder surgery, may be painful. Your Physical Therapist will utilize a variety of techniques to help maximize your treatment goals. It is important that you communicate the intensity, frequency, and duration of pain to your Therapist. Without this information, it is difficult for the Physical Therapist to adjust your treatment plan.

  • Is my Physical Therapist licensed?

    Physical Therapists (PTs) are licensed by their respective states. Jon M. Preston is a licensed Physical Therapist in the state of Georgia.

  • What should I wear to my appointment?

    Wear loose, comfortable clothing. If you have a low back or knee injury, bring a pair of shorts or sweatpants.

  • Do I need a physician’s referral?

     Most states do not legally require patients to see their physicians before seeing a Physical Therapist (Direct Access). Most of the time all you have to do is ask your doctor if Physical Therapy is right for you.

  • Does Insurance pay for Physical Therapy?

    Most forms of Physical Therapy treatment are covered by insurance, but the coverage will vary with each plan. Before your initial appointment we will verify  you benefits with your insurance and let you know ahead of time.

  • Will I be required to perform any type of exercises?

    PT always involves exercises of some sort, from a low-level stretch all the way to a well-rounded strengthening program.  The exercise prescription and hands-on techniques are central to each PT session.

  • What are modalities?

    Physical therapy modalities are rehabilitation technologies that relieve pain, reduce swelling, decrease muscle spasms and improve circulation. These modalities include ultrasound, trigger-point pressure, soft-tissue mobilization, electrical stimulation, traction, biofeedback, heat and ice.

  • Do I really have to do home exercises?

    Oftentimes people go to therapy only two or three times a week. You’re not going to get the same rate of progress or improvement just relying on going to your therapy visits.

  • How do I know if I have a co-payment?

    If you have a co-payment, it will often say so on your insurance identification (ID) card.  As a courtesy to our patients, we will verify your benefits prior to your initial visit. Other information sources are your insurance benefit booklet, your insurance company’s customer service department (number often listed on the back of your ID card), or your employer’s Human Resources Department.

  • What is co-insurance?

    TCo-insurance is a form of medical cost sharing that requires an insured person to pay a stated percentage of medical expenses after the deductible has been met.

  • What is a deductible?

    A deductible is a fixed dollar amount during the benefit period that an insured person pays before the insurance company starts to make payments for covered medical services.

  • What is a co-payment?

    A co-payment is a per-person, per-visit amount that you are expected to pay before your insurance company begins covering the cost of your care. The provider of care is directed by the insurance company to collect the co-payment from the patient prior to treatment.

  • Why do I have a co-payment?

    The required co-payment amount due by the patient is based on the contract you have with your insurance company, chosen by you or your employer.

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    Kenda GilbertKenda Gilbert
    20:23 31 Aug 21
    What a great place to do therapy!! They are so compassionate about helping others here! They spend one on one time with you and explore ways to help you feel better!! I have been to lots of therapy places but this one is by far one of the BEST!! Please consider trying this place out of you are in need of therapy!!
    Susan SSusan S
    19:42 31 Aug 21
    Jon is wonderful as a therapist. He takes the time to listen and then provides care accordingly. He gives one on one care which is very important to getting better. I walked in after surgery with pain and left after 3 months basically pain free. Jasmine at front desk is also very helpful. I would recommend this place without any hesitation.
    LlamaCorn 100LlamaCorn 100
    14:27 10 Aug 21
    I am really impressed by John and his office. They are so professional and kind. John has improved my strength and stability in just a few sessions. I always receive his undivided attention. He cares and offers words of encouragement. I highly recommend Therapeutic Dynamics.
    Bren SextonBren Sexton
    03:51 21 May 21
    I was told by my surgeon that John was the best therapist to help me rehab my shoulder after my replacement surgery. Jasmin was very friendly when she set up my appointments and she welcomes me every visit. She also helps me get started on my routines. John has done a fantastic job of getting my shoulder working again, way ahead of the surgeons expectations. His selections of exercises and therapy has been perfect. He is very personable and knowledgeable! I would highly recommend this team to anyone needing therapy!!
    Amanda MarieAmanda Marie
    18:53 29 Apr 21
    I just finished up treatment for my shoulder, and I am so thankful this is where I ended up! Some of the traditional exercises ended up irritating my pain, and my plan was changed immediately to something that worked better for me! I have an extremely active job, and I am back to being able to work pain free. Aside from there always being a welcoming, friendly environment, they also just renovated the space and it’s clean (everything is disinfected as soon as you’re done using it) and beautiful! Highly recommend, you will not be disappointed!