Therapeutic Dynamics Success Stories

Therapeutic Dynamics Success Stories are what we strive for! If you would like to submit your Success Story to us, there are several ways you can do this.  You can e-mail it to, fax it to 770-232-7198, mail it to us, you can also post it on our Facebook page, or submit a review on Google and Yahoo.

 The following are Therapeutic Dynamic success stories from our patients, we hope you enjoy reading them.

Therapeutic Dynamics Success Stories

As a short recap, in 2014, I froze my left shoulder due to an injury. The orthopedic doctor recommended PT. Jon’s treatment, with Jazmin’s assistance, returned my arm to full function in 5 weeks. Fast forward to 2018; I went back to the orthopedic doctor complaining of (R) shoulder pain.  

He recommended 8 weeks of PT. Having experienced with Jon in the past I knew I would be going back to Therapeutic Dynamics. Subsequent MRI showed 2 rotator cuff tears and bilateral heads 90% detached. I knew I was headed to surgery. Jon handled my post surgery rehab and had me ahead of normal recovery. After giving me back both of my arms use in 4-5 years spread all I can say is, Thank you Jon and Jazmin at Therapeutic Dynamics!


Duluth, GA        February 10, 2019

Therapeutic Dynamics Success Stories

I had foot surgery in February of 2018 and as a result of not walking normally for a few months I developed knee pain and foot pain. I found Therapeutic Dynamics through a friend who had good results working with Jon Preston. I began therapy in September of 2018 and immediately saw improvement in pain of my foot and knee. I began to walk correctly, became stronger, and was able to start walking further distances every day. Jon and Jazmin are very caring and extremely professional. I have learned how to build up my strength thorough the correct way of exercising thanks to Jon Preston. I continue to improve daily.


Suwannee, GA    February 10, 2019

Therapeutic Dynamics Success Stories

After enduring a total of 5 months hospitalization and multiple surgeries I found myself almost totally incapacitated. I was told that a year of hard work in rehabilitation program that included physical therapy should result in 80-85% physical recovery.

With the help of Jon Preston at Therapeutic Dynamics, I developed a home-based exercise and stretching program. My progress was evaluated by Jon during our bi-weekly sessions in the office and 8 months later I have achieves the 80 % recovery goal. A lot of hard work has gone into the effort; I am ahead of schedule and ready to start a medically supervised cardiac strengthening program.

I hope I don’t need more physical therapy in the near future but if I do, I will give Therapeutic Dynamics a call.


Johns Creek, GA      February 21, 2019


Therapeutic Dynamics Success Stories

“I had severe plantar fasciitis in 2008 and had gone for pt at another location. The doctor tried everything, nothing helped, until a friend recommended Therapeutic Dynamics.  Jon was very professional and knew just what to do. Seven years later I am pain free!  A couple of years ago I had bad lower back pain – Jon put me in  a machine and believe it or not, after a few treatments, the pain was gone, and has remained so ever since! No doubt I will return for other types of pain – arm, shoulder, etc, and I can confidently say that he will succeed.  I highly recommend Jon. His receptionist, Jazmin, is so pleasant to deal with, like Jon, she takes such interest in each patient.”


Suwanee, GA    July 31, 2015

Therapeutic Dynamics Success Stories

“Jon and his staff are very capable and their facility is inviting. When my doctor suggested physical therapy, I had reservations but soon started looking forward to my visits because I felt better after each session…I would recommenced Therapeutic Dynamics to my family and friends.”

Alberta R.

Lawrenceville, GA     June 20, 2013

dTherapeutic Dynamics Success Stories

“This was a tough surgery and difficult rehab for total knee replacement, however Jon and his staff did fantastic job. I would absolutely recommend this firm… they do a great job!”

David S.

Suwanee, GA December 1, 2010

Therapeutic Dynamics Success Stories

“Jon Preston, and the staff of Therapeutic Dynamics are awesome! After suffering for over two months with Plantar Fasciitis, all the while thinking that it would eventually get better, I finally went to my Podiatrist for a check up. He diagnoses the condition, prescribed a regimen of physical therapy and referred me to Jon. His confidence in the results he had seen for Therapeutic Dynamics helped to create an expectant attitude in me.

After only the second session I began to see an immediate improvement and a definite lessening of pain. With each session I could see improvement and began to look forward to the next visit. In addition to the in-office treatments, I was given an exercise regimen to maintain at home in order to keep healing on track.

Jon and his staff are professional in their approach to treatment, yet relaxed and friendly, with a positive demeanor that instills patient confidence in the sought after results.

I cannot recommend Jon Preston & company highly enough!”

Tom W.

Duluth, GA   March 27, 2009
Therapeutic Dynamics Success Stories

“Before I began sessions with Jon I had severe, agonizing pain in my back and my right shoulder. Jon treated me with deep massage and heat pad and recommended exercises and stretches. After a couple of weeks I felt a lot better and the pain diminished each day. I was scheduled to have epidural injections, but I canceled these appointments because I felt they were no longer necessary.

Jon and his staff treat their patients in a highly professional manner. They treat us with dignity and continually ask if we are comfortable. They are very caring. Also what impressed me was the cleanliness of his establishment. He uses fresh washed sheets and towels, everything is sanitized.

Jon thank you very much!”

Gloria P.

Lawrenceville, GA  October, 28 2008
Therapeutic Dynamics Success Stories


Thanks for the opportunity to let the world know what a great Physical Therapist you are. I am happy to convey to the world how great you are. Mr. Preston was extremely proficient in his practice. His facility, office personnel and aide are as well. I had been suffering from “Plantar Fasciitis” for 5 to 6 years. Gone from doctor to doctor, physical therapist to physical therapist, and still in pain. So I decided to not to go anymore, and just live with pain.

My husband is a diabetic and has a podiatrist for preventing care. He suggested to try his doctor, maybe he can help, or at least refer you to another therapist. His doctor referred me to Jon Preston The moment I hop into his office I was greeted and introduced professionally. Jon is courteous, respectful, and very concerned about his patients. My Plantar Fasciitis was stubborn, but Jon didn’t give up. Six months later I’m still pain “FREE”. Thanks Jon Preston, you are great!

Gloria J.

Buford, GA April 29, 2008Therapeutic Dynamics Success Stories

“I came to Jon’s office with a very painful shoulder injury. I thought I had lost full mobility in my right arm as a result and pretty much resigned to that. However, with patience, care and attention, and short regiment of PT, Jon and his caring staff have helped me get back (if not better!) to my old mobility. They are a professional staff- courteous and personable and I highly recommend them to anyone who values attention and service in their medical care.”

Tina S.

Duluth, GA February 21, 2008Therapeutic Dynamics Success Stories

“In late spring 2005 I discovered I had 2 spurs on each of the heels of my feet. They hurt in the morning when I just got up and by mid day I could barely walk. Off to the foot doctor I went, after trying several treatments with none working I was sent to Jon Preston.

I felt the difference within weeks, I could walk with no pain, but the story does not end here. In early Feb. 2007 my step daughter asked me if I would do the Susan G. Komen Cancer Walk, three days 60 miles. I started my training in March and in Oct. 2007, I completed the three day walking, all of the 60 miles.”

Elleda R.

Duluth, GA November 3, 2007Therapeutic Dynamics Success Stories

“I injured my lower back while exercising on the AB-lounger that I purchased to strengthen my lower back and abdomen muscles. What I did not realize is that the motion of the AB-lounger aggravated the area of my back near the site of my laminectomy which I had a year ago, Thanks to the professional treatment I received at Therapeutic Dynamics, I am back to 100%. I sold my AB-lounger and I’m continuing with long walks in my neighborhood to build strong bones and a healthy heart.”

Eileen L.

Suwanee, GA October 14, 2007Therapeutic Dynamics Success Stories

“I feel I received prompt, quality service in a convenient location that kept me consistently attending appointments due to results that improved my plantar fasciitis. I was give exercises to continue on my own to maintain my progress and to rely on incase of further injuries. I enjoyed the staff and learned how to better care for my physical well being. Thank you Therapeutic Dynamics!”

Dennett B.

Suwanee, GA October 10, 2007Therapeutic Dynamics Success Stories

“The last time I had a similar injury, some 14 years ago, it ended in surgery. The recovery period was long and difficult and my knee was never the same.

This time the surgery was avoided and it resulted in a much better result. My doctor was very pleased and he expected that if I am careful I could expect a full recovery.

I completed my physical therapy a couple of months ago, and so far I am pain free. Jon Preston & company did an outstanding job. THANK YOU!”

Ted F.

Duluth, GA October 6, 2007Therapeutic Dynamics Success Stories

“When I first came to Therapeutic Dynamics, I had severe pain in my lower back as well as in both legs. Today my leg pain is gone, and though my back pain is not completely gone, it is much improved I consider my experience with Therapeutic Dynamics a Success Story.

I cannot imagine what my condition would be like without the treatments I have received thru this therapy. The staff is always courteous and very helpful and I compliment each one for the excellent attention to my needs during each visit. Without your dedication and attention, my problem would not have improved nearly as much. I am very grateful.”

Robert F.

Suwanee, GA May 2007Therapeutic Dynamics Success Stories

“After being T-boned in an auto accident 01/30/07, I went to a neck and back MD. During his visit, a physical therapy program was given. When I entered the therapeutic dynamics facility, I was hurting badly, my neck, lower back and left leg were pinched. In 6 weeks of treatment from Therapeutic Dynamics my pain went down form 10 (highest) to 1.5 (lowest). Could not walk properly, could not turn my neck to side, up and down.

Mr. Jon Preston started working on me and I feel happy to let anyone know that pain can be relieved, ask me, I’ve been there. I would recommend any physical therapy, of any nature to see Mr. Jon Preston, P.T. Your life will change soon. A great staff too! Returning to full duties on 04/08/07.”

Joseph N.

Duluth, 04/02/2007

Therapeutic Dynamics Success Stories

  “I had experienced severe neck pain for almost one year before I was referred to Jon Preston at Therapeutic Dynamics. I have experienced almost 20 years living with Fibromyalgia, so for me, pain is “on again, off again” but the neck pain stayed for several months and became incapacitating. Jon Preston began a therapy routine at my first appointment, including teaching me exercises I would do at home. After two appointments per week and a total of eight visits I was free of the pain I had been experiencing. After six months I am still satisfied with the results.

The staff at Therapeutic Dynamics was always friendly and encouraging. I looked forward to each visit because the time was productive and I experienced results. I heartily recommend Therapeutic Dynamics for Physical Therapy.”

Janet K.

Sugar Hill, 03/12/2007

Therapeutic Dynamics Success Stories

  “I had a history of herniated L3, L4, L5 and on several occasions was on bed rest for “severe back” pain unable to move without causing the agitation of severe pain. Was put on Vistaril and Naproxen to overcome my problem. Went to other Doctors and Chiropractors and other Physical Therapists, but continued to have episodes. Went to see Dr. Hubbell and he felt “orthopedic” physical therapy would help me avoid surgery and improve my quality of life. Jon Preston, P.T. showed me special exercises to strengthen my stomach and back muscles. I do the exercises every day and so far my back has remained strong without pain.”

Carolyn H.

Alpharetta, 3/12/2007

Therapeutic Dynamics Success Stories


“Jon met with my need to be up on my feet and walking before a scheduled trip to Spain. My plantar fascia was given immediate attention and he was able to shorten the normal healing time with his care and my exercises. Thank you Jon, we had a wonderful trip!”

Bonnie P.

Duluth, 3/14/2007

Therapeutic Dynamics Success Stories

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