About Therapeutic DynamicsAbout Therapeutic Dynamics

We are committed to one-on-one patient to therapist care. This means that you will meet the therapist at your initial appointment and will continue to see that therapist for the remainder of your course of treatment. You will not be juggled among many therapists or PT aides

We are not a large chain organization (“PT Factories”) where you may feel like just another number.

Our state of the art facility offers you the opportunity to explore innovative exercise forms, in addition to traditional exercise. Our program will help you maximize your future health and vitality.

More About Therapeutic Dynamics

We do our best to get you back to a private room as soon as you walk into our office when you have a schedule appointment.  You will not be in the waiting room for more than 5 minutes.

We work with your referring doctor to coordinate a detailed treatment program designed especially for you based on your condition and our thorough evaluation.

We strive to get new patients in within 24-48 hours of receiving their referral – you will not wait weeks to be seen at our clinic.

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